Sermon Review (8/28/2011) – Church Picnic Sunday: “Get Real”

August 28, 2011……………………. Church Picnic Sunday

“Get Real:  Applying Godly Wisdom in Our Lives”


Despite his vast wisdom, Solomon gradually grew worse in translating that knowledge into God-honoring behavior.  Despite being warned about not amassing too much wealth or military might, he did both.  Despite being warned to not become allies or marry outside of his faith, he did both.  Despite being commissioned to stand for righteousness and justice; he worshiped false gods and endorsed slave labor.

In order for us to “be real” in our lives, application of our faith and knowledge is necessary.  We are called to live out what we say we know and believe, both for our own integrity as well as to not negatively influence others.  Solomon failed in his task.  May we “be real” and not fail ours.

Supporting Scriptures:

1 Kings 3-11; 2 Chronicles 1-9; Proverbs; Ecclesiastes

Please join us next week as we get into a “Labor Day” discussion of the Sabbath.  What is it and what did God intend for people to do for it?  How does that match or contrast with the world we live in?


Pastor Josh

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