“Simple Heart”

In my brief time as a Pastor and throughout my life of growing up in the church, I’ve learned more than my share of lessons.  One of the ones that comes clearest to me now that I’m fasting is that simple, strong faith is of incredible value.  Typically, I like to think about things.  Discuss things.  Look at things from every conceivable angle.  I love learning (but didn’t necessarily like school).  I love words and trying to find the “best” one that fits any given circumstance.  I also love to teach, preach, and share the knowledge that God has given me.  That’s who I am.

However, I am routinely amazed and humbled in the presence of so many great saints in everyday life that have a simple heart and a simple faith.  They’re typically kind and straightforward.  Good listeners.  They don’t get stressed out and fixated on solving every puzzle and unwrapping every mystery.  They rest and trust in the sovereignty of God.  They don’t need detailed answers on the “why’s” of life because they spend more time getting to know “Who” is in charge of it all.  They don’t need to self-promote, but simply step aside and let God be displayed in their life.

A great older song that expresses this admiration for this type of faith is the song “Simple Heart”, from one of my favorite bands growing up (Geoff Moore & The Distance).  Lyrics for it are below and a video (that just has audio??) as well.  May it inspire you to cultivate this lifestyle in yourself and to appreciate it in others.


Pastor Josh

Simple Heart by:  Geoff Moore & The Distance

A simple man of simple dreams

He built his life on ordinary things

Worked the land as if it were his friend

His words live with me to the end

“Give more than you have taken.

Love most the ones forsaken.”


Simple heart beat in me

Until I can see a

Simple heart will set me free

To let extraordinary things

Flow through this ordinary

Heart of simplicity

It was a simple thing for a boy like me

To pray a prayer and then believe

Those were simple times, how times change

Boys grow up and life complicates

I am older, but am I wiser

Has my simple heart grown colder?

Repeat Chorus

He was a simple man of simple means

The simple truth is that He was the King

He leads us down the narrow way

That is only seen with a child’s faith

Repeat Chorus

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