I’d like to introduce you to a close, personal assistant of mine.  We’ve worked together for years now.  I’ve tried working with other assistants, but none quite performed as consistently well as the bottle you see above.  Migraine headaches became an unwelcome “squatter” in my life around the time I started college.  After a multitude of trials and tribulations, I found that Excedrin Migraine works best for me.  Over the years, I’ve learned to recognize the symptoms of my migraines and (if I quickly pop 2 in my mouth at the onset of the symptoms) I can control the amount of damage they do to me.  I keep these pills with me constantly (at home, in my man-purse-satchel-thingy, at my office).  No matter where I am, I can always have this safety net with me to nip my migraine issues in the bud.  There’s a catch, however.

As I have taken this medicine, I started realizing that I “needed” to take more of it.  I noticed symptoms becoming more and more frequent.  Then, I learned about what is commonly called “rebound headaches.”  Essentially, when someone (me) takes pain relievers too often (for me, near-daily); the body can develop a dependence on that medication and goes into withdrawal symptoms when that medicine is no longer in the system.  These symptoms, interestingly enough, very closely mirror the symptoms of a migraine for me.  What was supposed to be my aid and my cure ended up making me worse.  It is during my current fasting process that I am removing this medicine from my system and suffering these withdrawal pains (along with typical hunger-based headaches).

The reason why I shared that amount of medical info with you is to get at an important connection to all of our lives:

There are many things that we reach out to and depend on in this life (other than faith in God) that will only leave us worse off and in more pain than when we started.  These “band-aids” and quick-fixes are not the true cure for what ails us.  I’m not discouraging modern medicine, however; but am just trying to keep it in the proper perspective.  For some people, they find their cure in drugs/alcohol, for some its in a steady diet of rotating romantic partners, for some its their work, for some it their role as a parent… and the list is endless.

In the Bible, King David states the object of his trust in this way:

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God (Psalm 20:7).”

May each of us strive to trust in God more than the “horses” that we often hitch our wagons and our hopes to. And when we do so, we will notice the rebounding and resounding joy of the Lord!


Pastor Josh

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