Drawing A Line In The Sand

As most of the folks at NBFMC know by now, our church is attempting a new model of discipleship currently.  In addition to standard Sunday School and Prayer Groups, we are following our denomination’s urging to start new groups (made up of 2-4 members).  These groups will primarily meet outside of the church building, will be 1 hr. a week, and will focus on 3 key Christian life components (Bible Study/Personal Accountability/Prayer).

I took our initial group leaders on a retreat to Jumonville last month to begin this process, which officially started last Sunday.  Prior to the start and ever since we have started, I have noticed and have been greatly disturbed by the amount of oppression that has come against this ministry by the Enemy and his minions.  This has taken a variety of forms:  physical difficulty, deaths, discouragement, irritability, apathy, and every other dirty trick that Satan has at his disposal.  In my years of ministry at this church, I have NEVER been aware of and have witnessed such resistance here.  This, conversely, lets us know that we have arrived at something really, really, really good for our church.

I am done “playing around”.  Praying and hoping for relief is good and necessary, but that simply is not enough for me at this point.  I am furious at the Enemy for these attacks and will engage him the only way that I can.  Starting today and going through Friday, I will be engaging in a time of dedicated fasting and prayer; which will focus on 3 main things:

1.)  That God and his angels would bind up and remove Satan’s attacks against this church and the families represented here.

2.)  That God would encourage the leaders of these groups to press on and not back down under these difficult circumstances.

3.)  That God would move in the hearts of all the group members, to stir in them a desire to “take time to be holy” through this simple (yet powerful) discipleship process.

If you wish to engage in a time of fasting and/or prayer for this, as well, that would be great.  I am particularly asking that you pray for me during this process.  I am subject to receiving pretty bad headaches and migraines on a consistent basis, even when healthy.  When I don’t eat (like most people), these problems worsen.  The longest fast that I have ever done up to this point is for 3 days.  If you could pray for my endurance to not only last the 5 days, but until Sunday…I would greatly appreciate that.

Even more so, please pray for protection and peace for my family.  Please pray that God will surround them and protect them, as I am opposing the Enemy in such a direct manner.  I thank all of you for your prayers, support, and goodwill during my 1st year as your Pastor.  Now, I ask that you join me in prayer and in watchfulness as we try to break through the nets of Satan and out into the good plans God has for us at NBFMC.

In steadfast hope,

Pastor Josh

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  1. I will join with you in prayer for this fast that you have dedicated your mind and spirit to. I am not involved in any way with this ministry but that doesnt mean i can not pray that satan will leave us alone in Jesus name. I will especially lift you up in prayer for the week of fasting. I know that God really spoke to me in my 3 day fast about a year ago and will pray that your prayers will be answered and your goals will be met without any migraines. Blessings, annette

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