Sermon Review (August 1, 2010)… Summer of Story: Chapter 9… “The Customer Is King”

I will be leaving a post each Sunday Afternoon/Evening with the Title and Primary Scriptures from each of my sermons.  This post (as all my posts are meant to be) is a place where you can leave your questions, impressions, and ideas from my sermon.  This is a place where you can process the message and how you can best apply it in your life.

August 1, 2010

Summer of Story:  Chapter 9 … “The Customer Is King”

Primary Scriptures:

1 Kings 3-11 / 2 Chronicles 1-9 / Proverbs /  Ecclesiastes

***  Also the video that we used during our service today (“Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman) is also linked in my Vodpod on this page.  This song greatly links the Book of Ecclesiastes and the importance of leaving a legacy of eternal significance.
Pastor Josh
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  1. I really felt convicted after today’s sermon. We teach our kids limits by saying no to their every request and once in the while give in. However, I was processing the sermon today and wonder without God there is no limit to what we allow ourselves to gain in this world. As a Christian we are called to store up treasures in heaven. If our children aren’t taught limits from a young age then they may never learn them. As parents we are our children’s first “boundary setter”. Well I also felt personally convicted because I know I can do better by setting boundaries. Thanks Pastor Josh for another great convicting message from God’s word.

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