“What Jesus Demands From The World” – Daily Devotional (6/25/10): Demand #24 “Strive To Enter Through The Narrow Door, For You Are Already In The Kingdom’s Power”

John 10:27-28

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.”

Due to the sheer awesomeness of John Piper’s perspective on these past few chapters, I’ve given him free reign over my blog posts.  We’ll allow him to finish his train of thought on entering through the narrow door in today’s devotional. 🙂

“The demand to strive to enter the kingdom of God through the narrow door should be heard in connection with the truth that God has already done something to make that striving full of hope and confidence. We strive not with fretting that we will not enter, but with assurance that not only will we enter, but in a decisive sense we have already entered. This may sound paradoxical: Strive to enter, for you have entered. But it is profoundly true for all who trust in Jesus.  At the center of Jesus’ message is the claim that both the kingdom of God and eternal life are present experiences as well as future promises. In other words, when Jesus demands that we strive to enter the kingdom through the narrow door, he is focusing on the future experience of final joy and perfect fellowship with God when the kingdom comes in fullest measure in the future. Strive to enter that (pg. 181)”

“Vigilance is the mark of the followers of Jesus. They know that “the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction” (Matt. 7:13). They are serious about life. Heaven and hell are at stake. Therefore, they are seriously joyful. The Son of God has rescued them from the guilt and power of sin. They are children of God. Their names are written in heaven. They have received the Helper, the Spirit of truth. They have the promise of Jesus to be with them to the end of the age. They know that he is praying for them. They rejoice that they stand righteous before God because of Jesus. They have received the kingdom. They have eternal life as a present possession. And they marvel that no one can snatch them out of God’s hand. In this joy they are energized to strive to enter by the narrow door. And they are confident their striving will not be in vain (pg. 189).”


Pastor Josh

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