Sermon Review (June 20, 2010)… Summer of Story: Chapter 3… “Brother’s Keeper”

I will be leaving a post each Sunday Afternoon/Evening with the Title and Primary Scriptures from each of my sermons.  This post (as all my posts are meant to be) is a place where you can leave your questions/impressions/ideas from my sermon.  This is a place where you can process the message and how you can best apply it in your life.

June 20, 2010

Summer of Story:  Chapter 3… “Brother’s Keeper”

Primary Scriptures:  Genesis 4

The PowerPoint for this sermon is attached below:

Cain and Abel Powerpoint

***  Additionally, the video we used for Father’s Day (“I Want To Be Just Like You” by Phillips, Craig, and Dean) today is also linked in my Vodpod on this page.

So…..Let’s get those comments flowing!


Pastor Josh

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  1. Each week I really try to keep my mind and heart open to something new from the stories we are reviewing in the sermons just like Pastor Josh prays each week for us before preaching. Last week I got a fresh new look at what it meant for Adam and Eve to know good and evil after eating from the “wrong tree”. Its like I comprehended that for the first time. They would never know evil if they didn’t disobey and we wouldn’t know it today either.
    This week I realized that Adam and Eve grieved the loss of Abel but also must have grieved their loss of leaving the garden of eden. They really didn’t understand at the time the extent of their sin and how it would affect their children later. Children that weren’t even born yet!!!!! Lesson learned- We have an affect on more people than we realize either for good or bad.

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